Denmark East hub


The Business Design Club - Denmark East Hub is a part of a European group of network hubs and originates from the international Business Model Conference. The purpose is to mobilise regional business professionals, public servants, and academic experts to build new or stronger value streams and business models.


The Business Design Club is a network where you can exchange knowledge and experience regarding utilizing technology to enhance and streamline business models. The organisations behind the network is FORCE Technology and the University of Aalborg.


The aim is to discuss and explore various tools and strategies for leveraging technology to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. From IoT and automation to data analytics, we will delve into the ways technology can be integrated into a business to drive success. We will look into technology trends, societal or environmental challenges and opportunities for value creation. We will also discuss business models built around technological development, production and opportunities to build servitization strategies.


Our evolving calender of activities:


29. March 2023: Network kick off meeting

6.-8. June 2023: Business Model Conference in Forli

13. September 2023: Network meeting

29. November 2023: Network meeting



For more information, please contact Hub Manager:

Sofie Fiora Milstjerne

FORCE Technology